Do not Risk an Accident in a Rented vehicle Hire a Taxi Service

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  2. March 11, 2013 7:06 pm

One of the most visited theme parks is Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studio parks located near Orlando, FL and they average over 130,000 people per day. That number does not even include the amounts of tourists visiting Universal theme parks, SeaWorld, or the plethora of other entertainment venues in busy Orlando Florida.

Not many of these visitors are Florida residents meaning most of them flew directly into Orlando International Airport (MCO). Needless to say, this airport is jam packed with people and luggage headed to their ultimate Florida vacation, whether that is to visit the beaches, theme parks, or head out on to a cruise leaving one of the most popular ports in the nation—Port Canaveral.

With Orlando’s estimated number 250,000 in population along with the many that travel to visit the Sunshine State, it is easily assumed with the parks packed and busy,  so are the roads. The last Florida vacation experience a tourist needs is an “accident” experience, with a rental car no less. It is a much better alternative to contact an Orlando Airport Shuttle, with a licensed, insured driver who is familiar with the Orlando Road systems.

Yes, the bus can be taken, although cheap, a person pays to sit where thousands of others have sat before, waiting even up to an hour for the bus to fill up before being shuttled to wherever their destination awaits. Alternatively, the family could wait 30-60 minutes for the buses arrival before they can continue on their journey and settle into their hotel room. The bus route might be a cheap way to travel, but it certainly lacks vacation fun.

When traveling all around Orlando Florida roads, why not choose to go with a safe, affordable, and reliable Orlando airport transportation service? What are the advantages of using a taxi service? First and foremost, if a family books a reservation before arriving to Orlando, FL the navigation from plane, baggage claim, and then into a waiting vehicle is much smoother than waiting on a bus, or the time it takes to rent a vehicle.

The second advantage of using pre-arranged taxi service when starting out a planned Orlando vacation trip, some taxi services only charge per group and not per person and services are private not shared with another party or group, meaning it does not have near the in and out traffic of public transportation. Once a family group or individual has used a reputable Orlando transportation service, like Star Trans (permitted by Orlando Airport Authority, Port Canaveral Authority, City of Orlando), they have a trusted taxi service they can turn to throughout their entire vacation.


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